Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Science of Grate Grilling Part 3- Perfect Burgers

If I had to list one food that grills exceptionally well on GrillGrates it would have to be hamburgers. GrillGrates grill perfect burgers! Everyone can be Bobby Flay!

I heard from a Big Green Egg Retailer yesterday who is evaluating GrillGrates. He brought in burgers for lunch the other day and asked his team to grill on the BGE with and without GrillGrates. He didn't even make it down for lunch before he heard from his team! The GrillGrate burgers were much larger and juicier compared to those not grilled on GrillGrates.

There are several reasons why hamburgers in particular are so much better with GrillGrates:
  1. Flare-up Protection from the bottom plate keeps burgers from charring as they drip especially 80 /20 which can really drip up a bon fire. The added protection of GrillGrates keeps burgers from drying out and shrinking.
  2. The Sizzle Back Effect of juices as they drip to the valleys, they vaporize, steam and sizzle back to the food. Dripping juices create a moist convection of steamy heat below the hamburger which keeps it juicy and moist.
  3. Fats drain away from the burger and drip through the fat draining holes in the bottom of the GrillGrates where they burn up on the bottom of the GrillGrate, not on the outside of the food. There is a health benefit of no charring and no fats burned onto the food as well.
  4. The GrateTool- reaches below the food for a gentle lift not a scape and break! No more broken or stuck burgers on the Grill.
I here about burgers consistently from customers and professionals such as Suzanne Benoit who is the Queen of Burgers hailing from the famous VORTEX Bar and Grill in Atlanta. Suzanne and I recorded this YouTube video last year. We've learned a lot since then and need to update it.

Grill the Perfect Burger Every Time with GrillGrates

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Science of Grate Grilling- The Super Weber Kettle

Another key aspect of GrillGrates is the added protection they provide from excessive flame and dry scorching heat. When BBQ Legend Mike Mills first saw GrillGrates sitting on my Weber at a BBQ contest he called it a 'flame shield' and asked if I'd ever done ribs on it? I sheepishly had to tell him no. Mike told me that one of the toughest questions people ask him is how to do ribs on a Weber Kettle? It's darn hard for most people. Hell, I never even tried! He challenged me to go home and barbecue (not grill) ribs his way. Mike also figured out quick that we were from 'Up North' and had little barbecue experience. That meeting in Douglas was another milestone as we were introduced to the wonderful world of Barbecue from one of the best. Mike Mills was just inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame at last months National Barbecue Association Conference which was a real treat to attend. I am honored to be friends with Mike and his gang from 17th Street. Mike has taught us a lot about GrillGrates and has been generous in his support and help.

Now we're introducing custom GrillGrates for the 22" Weber Kettle and it made me think of Mike.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Science of Grate Grilling

After two years in the market with GrillGrates, we are finally ready to better explain how and why GrillGrates work so much better. A lot of feedback from customers, some insightful reviews from foodies and barbecue pro's has helped us realize how truly different Grill Grates are.

Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn of has written the most thorough review of the dynamics of GrillGrates to date. We met recently in Memphis at the NBBQA conference and had the chance to discuss further.

Craig thinks GrillGrates grill more effectively for several reasons:
  • Conduction (direct heat) The heat is distributed evenly through the GrillGrate to the top of the rails making for not only outstanding searing but more surface area contact with the food for crispier chicken and crunchy sear marks.
  • Convection (hot moving air) The valleys between the rails swirl with heat. Juices from meat and vegetables vaporize for moist flavor that rises back into the food. For pizza, pasta, garlic bread this will be a dry heat making for crispy but not burned foods. Pizza crusts and flour tortillas are outstanding from the combination of conduction and convection.
  • Infrared (reflective heat). The panels themselves radiate heat because there is a lot of surface area that is heated up by the grill.
I need a Georgia Tech engineer who can get me some heat motion video! Shelley are you out there?
GrillGrate, Eat Well!
More Grate science to come.

GrillGrates: VIAGRA for the Grill!

That statement is not a Bradism, that quote comes from Sterling Ball aka Big Poppa of Big Poppa Smokers. Big Poppa Smokers is a new entrant to the BBQ world and he's coming in with gusto. The company is born from Sterling's passion for better grilling and smoking. In his videos you'll also see his other passion, which goes perfect with grilling- music. Check out what Big Poppa has to say about GrillGrate- and check out some the other cool products he's carrying too!