Thursday, August 20, 2009

On the same page with Bobby Flay!

Page 22 of New Jersey Savvy Magazine! Nice Grilling and Chillin' article. Thanks for spotlightling two NJ boys. I grew up in Liberty Corner, NJ- aka Mayberry RFD.

I'm not looking for a throw-down with Bobby, but sure would love to grill with him!
Grill Grate, Eat Well!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Attention Big Green Egg Owners!

We are now offering modified GrillGrates for the BGE Large and BGE XL. The standard rectangular grates work well on BGE's but I've heard from enough Eggers that want to cover more surface area and a couple of handy customers just cut off the corners and helped me see how nicely 3 GrillGrates fit on the large BGE and I figured out all by myself how 3 of the the 20 inch commercial GrillGrates fit beautifully on the XL. Just the corners need to be nipped. Over 300 square inches of GrillGrate surface on the XL.

Of course we're offering special pricing to customers who have already purchased GrillGrates for their large Eggs. Just email me a photo of your EGG with GrillGrates and I'll offer you a special low price on a 'Left and Right' to add to your collection! The left and right will list for $24.99 per Grate. Please email me: or call 877.380.2527. The BGE XL set will retail for $129.99

There is only one way to improve on the best grill available: GrillGrates!

Using the right oils at right time, right purpose

Here I've been suggesting olive oil as the best oil to season GrillGrates and I'm wrong. Our genius med school daughter emailed me this chart that is worthy of printing and laminating. Olive oil is perfect for low heat (up to 350F) but will burn and smoke beyond that. High-heat canola is better and its smoke point it 460F. That is also why PAM and Weber's Grilling Spray are better they are made of commercial grade canola oil. As it turns out that is just the beginning of all the information Spectrum packs into their Kitchen Guide.

The chart from Spectrum Organics is downloadable as a PDF is also a great guide to comparing OMEGA 3-6-9 Sources, and different oils for different uses. Now I know.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fixed Up with FaceBook

I've had several friends and customers strongly encourge me to be more active with Facebook. BUT -last June FB locked my account over a billing dispute, and I'll spare the details. One year later I get a survey from FB and I reply about my issue and all is forgiven and good. SO over the past couple of weeks I have been poking around FB and updating the GrillGrate Fan page, and seeing how much I need to learn again...

However, I get Facebook a lot better now. (Remember us over 50 year olds are a little slower with this social networking stuff) I need help updating our GrillGrate page and I am anxious to provide another place for GrillGrate customers, fans, and friends to interact. Heck even though the page was locked to me for a year we already have 60 fans. Thank you Facebook for giving me a second chance and thank you to our customers who want to see GrillGrate on Facebook.