Friday, March 18, 2011

The ART and SCIENCE of Grilling Perfect Hamburgers with GrillGrates

I've opined about grilling perfect hamburgers before.  The quest of every grillers is to deliver that perfect, juicy hamburger to family, friends and guests.  Thousands of recipes, books, videos and websites honor the mouth-watering grilled hamburger. 

GrillGrate is adding a new chapter to this body of knowledge by elevating the art-from of grilling hamburgers to near perfection.  The results are visually dramatic with noticeably better taste.  I realize that is a bold statement.  It comes after 4+ years of near weekly practice and constant feedback and ratings from my family and my 85 year old mother-in-law who loves her hamburgers grilled rare.  This chapter is dedicated to you Jean!

Chapter One:  The formula for Grilling Perfect Hamburgers with GrillGrates:
  1. The MEAT of the Matter:  Grind your own round or sirloin for the freshest possible burgers.  80 / 20 is most common blend although GrillGrates allow you to reduce the fat content without sacrificing juiciness.  Turkey burgers will surprise you with their juiciness too.
  2. Treat Her Gently When you Patty Her!  Loosely formed patties allow juices to flow in and through the meat.  Forget the burger presses unless you are making a stuffed burger.
  3. Grill Hot and Fast with GrillGrates without Fear!  The added protection of GrillGrates tames the flames while still allowing that flame grilled flavor.  No need to set up hot and cold zones or move burgers around the grill.
  4. Lift and Twist (put don't press)  Get perfect steakhouse sear marks with the trick the restaurants use.  After 3 minutes, use The GrateTool and lift the burger and twist 45 degrees and sit the burger back down.  In 2-3 minutes, lift and turn.  The presentation side is now facing you and grill to finish.  Design your own sear mark patters by the angle of the twist.  Never squeeze out the juices no matter how tempting.
  5. Toast Your Buns!  Crispy on the inside? or the outside?  You choose.  Place bun halves face down to crisp the inside, OR leave the bun intact to crisp the exterior so that first bite to is crunchy crisp.
  6. Grab a Napkin- this is going to be juicy!
Here's to Grilling Grate Hamburgers with GrillGrate!