Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Science of Grate Grilling Part FIVE: GrillGrate Grilled Pizza!

Grilling pizza has never been easier!  The raised rail design of GrillGrates provides the perfect platform to grill pizza and the GrateTool makes it easy to handle and rotate for perfect searing and crispy crust.  Here are a couple of tips to grilling great pizza with GrillGrates:
  1. Keep your grill temperature under control at or below 400F. This allows you to grill pizza long enough (10 minutes +) to thoroughly cook the the toppings and melt the cheese without blackening or charring the crust.  The key is how long you can grill pizza, not how hot and fast- unless you like black bottom crust.
  2. Use Olive Oil on the bottom side of the pizza crust.  The olive oil helps the crust get super crispy.  Even add a bit of seasoning to the oiled crust for more flavor!
  3. Quarter turn the pizza after 3-5 minutes.  Using the GrateTool slightly lift and peek at the crust and see the crust is searing and browning.  Rotate 45 degrees when the sear marks are golden brown.
  4. Watch Searing on Bottom of the Crust.  If sear marks are black- you are grilling too hot and at risk of blackening the crust.  Reduce heat.  The sear marks are a great guide to determine your grill's best temperature for grilling great pizza.  My gas charbroil is set on LOW, but the GrillGrate temperature is still 450F when the dome says 350F.  
  5. Lower and Slower is Better with Grilled Pizza because it gives you time to fully cook toppings to a golden brown too.  Think bubbly brown cheese!
  6. Use MamaMary's Gourmet Pizza Crusts.  They are partially baked, find them in the deli section of your supermarket or at Walmart.  They are fabulous on GrillGrates! 
GrillGrates makes grilling pizza a snap! Pizza is a super platform for all types of grilled pies- even fruit, dessert pizzas and breakfast pizzas!  And don't forget left-over pizzas, BBQ pizzas, white pizzas.  The GrillGrate website has dozens of grilled pizza recipes- let us hear yours!


        Saturday, April 10, 2010

        The Science of Grate Grilling Part 5 FRESH FISH!

        I recently had the pleasure of fishing with my college age daughter and we hooked up a pair of mahi mahi.  Better yet I had access to a Big Green Egg with GrillGrates and I grilled the best fresh fish I've ever grilled.  In the past I've overcooked or somehow managed to mangle a marvelous fresh caught fish.  Not since GrillGrates!

        GrillGrates takes grilling fish to another level entirely.  No more fish baskets, aluminum foil,  or fish coming apart and falling through the grill.
        The Science of GrillGrates involves all aspects of the GrillGrate design:
        • Raised rails provide a secure platform for even delicate fish like trout and halibut
        • More surface area contact with the fish provides superb searing and helps keep the filet intact
        • The extra protection from the bottom plate keeps fish moist and protected from drying heat
        • Juices and marinades add to moisture and flavor as they vaporize in the valleys of the GrillGrates
        • Lastly The GrateTool makes turning and handling fish filet a snap
        I took extra care with our fresh mahi mahi filets.  I even washed the GrillGrates and used brillo on the raised rails to get them perfectly clean.   It was my first experience grilling fresh fish on a Big Green Egg but I had the confidence that I would not mess up this meal! 
        • I set the BGE to 400F knowing that I wanted it to sear a bit and have time to cook thoroughly
        • Lightly oil the raised rails with canola oil or grilling spray- I like Weber's grill spray
        • Lay the filets over hot GrillGrates and don't touch for at least 5 minutes- lid down
        • Using The GrateTool go under the filets and gently lift.  If resistance from sticking give it another minute or two.  FISH TIP:  Gently wiggle the tool under the fish to help it release completely intact from the GrillGrates.
        • LIFT and TWIST the filets for another 3-4 minutes
        • LIFT and TURN brings the presentation side to the top and grill to finish
        • Total time 12-15 minutes
        Daddy Daughter Fishing and Grilling- it doesn't get any better than that!  

        The Sorry State of My Grills...but I'm still grilling GRATE!

        Last weekend I cleaned up the outdoor patio after a long winter.   During the colder months, I pull the grills closer to the back door and generally don't clean up too much.  I admit to being pretty much of a slob, picking up after myself usually happens a day or two after etc.   So after the first grass mowing of the season and cleaning up the patio,  I turned my attention to the sorry state of my grills.  
        • My Gas Charbroil has been the winter workhorse.  The starter has been dead for over two years so I have to remove 1/2 of the rusty cast iron grate and a flavorizer bar to light the grill- no big deal (I like the whoosh effect) FIVE 13.75" GrillGrates fit perfectly on the Charbroil.
        • My Weber Kettle's vents are rusted shut- fortunately at mid-way open. I've lived with that for a while now, but used the Kettle sparingly over the winter- even with the new cut to fit GrillGrates on it!
        • My Weber Q is only 1 year old and has held up well to neglect.  I use it when there is no need to fire up the Big Charbroil.   Three GrillGrates fit the Q very nicely-  I burred down the outside rail in the front on each end to allow the lid to close tightly. 
        • Finally- My Kamodo still sits there never been lit with the lid cut off waiting for a welder to help me put it back together again.  Nice lawn art!
        Even with the sorry state of my grills, I'm still grilling grate!   As grilling season kicks into high gear, here are a few tips and tricks we've gathered along the way:
        • GAS GRILLS with GrillGrate!  GrillGrates make gas grills sing!  Forget flare-ups, foods are juicier and more tender. No need to guard the food anymore either.
          • Turn your GAS DOWN!  GrillGrates focus and intensify the heat allowing you to save money.  My Charbroil at medium puts my GrillGrates to 600F.   Cook chicken, pork and leaner meats on LOW.  The longer they grill the better. 
          • Skip HIGH HEAT BURN OFF- Warm your grill up to temperature like an oven.  Don't set your grill to high heat and go have a beer.  Your GrillGrate temps will exceed 700F and you are set up to burn your food.  Save serious gas and preserve the seasoning on your GrillGrates
          • Experiment with LOW and SLOW-  turn outside burners off and grill in the center on GrillGrates.  The added protection of GrillGrates allows you to establish consistent grill temps.
          • GrillGrates will pay for themselves in a season with gas savings!
        • Weber Kettle & Charcoal Grills 
          • Confidently direct grill more foods with the added protection of GrillGrates
          • Spread coals evenly under entire grill surface and grill hot hot or low and slow depending on the load of charcoal you use.
          • Direct grill at lower temps (350-450F) by spreading out fewer coals. Skinless chicken, pork, corn and other veggies
          • Direct grill at higher temps (450-600F) for faster / juicier grilling without fear of burning and charring.  Super Crispy Chicken, Seared steaks and burgers.
        • Pellet Grills 
          • Pelletheads are finding GrillGrates makes their grills sing too. 
          • Concentrated heat to the raised rails improves searing and high heat grilling 
          • The sizzle effect of GrillGrates combined with the flavorful smoke of pellet grills is a fabulous combination.    
        I enjoy your comments and encourage you to share your favorite tips and tricks with GrillGrates!

        Thursday, April 8, 2010

        The Science of Grate Grilling Part 4

        I got this message from a customer the other evening and it prompted me to share some tips and tricks using GrillGrates with the Classic Weber Kettle.

        " GrillGrates are AMAZING!
        I received GrillGrates for my new Weber kettle (I seem to have a 5 year cycle between gas and charcoal…) and we were just blown away by the difference in flavor. Our first run was with burgers, and the family voted them the best we’d ever made.
        Nothing we’ve tried on them outside a pizza - that seemed cook just a big too fast - has been anything but outstanding."

        Rob N.
        April 6th 2010

        I've developed some new grilling techniques for the Weber Kettle that I am prompted to share after hearing about Rob's pizza cooking a bit to hot and fast.
          • Use less charcoal and spread evenly after they are fully glowing
          • This keeps overall grill temps down and creates uniform heat
          • The GrillGrates provide superb protection allowing for DIRECT GRILLING at low temps
          • OR let the coals burn past glowing hot and grill on the downside of their burn.
        The other evening I grilled boneless, skinless chicken breasts and corn on the cob using this technique. The chicken grilled for 30 minutes and the corn as well- which was fabulous
          • Pizza on GrillGrates is best at 400F or less so you can get at least 10 minutes on the grill which gives the toppings time to fully cook and melt without blackening the bottom of the crust.

        The mighty Weber Kettle is even more versatile with GrillGrates!

        Thanks for the feedback Rob.
        GrillGrate, Eat Well!