Friday, August 24, 2012


I've been challenged getting the latest recipe winners announced because I've been pressed to get the recipes posted on our website. So I figure while I am holed up in a hotel room in Tulsa-its no dinner until I at least get the announcement out and contact our grate winners!

Some really great recipes were submitted and most are already published on I'll post the remaining recipes soon but its more important to thank our winners!
  • Larry Byer- is a repeat winner with Tequila Lime Grilled Shrimp and Calamari. Three of Larry's recipes are now published on Thanks Larry!
  • Shawn Beaulieu A grate customer from Canada has been prolific with his Kamado Joe even getting the Canadian Navy to put Kamado Joe's on their ships. What a morale booster. His grilled scallops recipe is a winner and highlights how easy it is to grill scallops with GrillGrates.
  • Bob S- submitted GrillGrate “Poppers” and used an innovative approach by elevating his GrillGrates on an angle to make sure the poppers would not lose the stuffing while grilling thoroughly. Innovative approach Bob!
  • Lorraine Hartung joins this all-star cast! Her fabulous photos have been gracing the GrillGrate Facebook page since she got her GrillGrates less than 2 weeks ago. We'll wrestle a few recipes out of Lorraine and get them on our website soon.
  • Andy Scalzo wins a GrillGrate T shirt for his bacon bowl. Andy could put out a cook book with his amazing culinary talents and I just had to recognize this unbelievable photo.  Andy- I need this recipe!
Thank you to these GRATE Customers!

Please choose from:

Share your Grate Creation to WIN and thank you for helping us build our recipe data base for our customers.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meet GrillGrate Customer Craig Jones- Master of the Grill!

 Even though I've not met Craig and his wife Gay in person (yet), it feels like I know them well. We met a couple of years ago on the GrillGrate Facebook page. Now I follow Craig's culinary adventures!  Craig is a perfect example of a master griller. Grilling is a big part of his life and his deck is a working Weber museum!

He grills over live fire 300+ days a year. No small feat living in Kansas City- not known for mild winters. He and his wife share great recipes and dinner ideas for two. His recipes are only rivaled by his photography. It seems that a lot of grillers are also good photographers. GrillGrate Porn! It's good for you and your marriage!

Here are a few of Craig's Gratest Hits that he has shared with us to post on the website:

Craig is in the running to win a trip to NY and go backstage with the Food Network this fall! Vote for Craig to be on Food Network! Master of the Grill!

Number of Grills Owned: 6 Webers and 1 Kamado

Craig's Go To Grill: Weber Performer. “To me its like a gas grill... I can get it up and running quickly, and I can do ANYTHING on it. That being said right now I use the Kamado a tlo, because I am trying to learn how to cook on it... it truly is a different animal.

Craig's TIPS:
  1. Get to know your grill and use it in direct and indirect methods. Almost any recipe and cooking technique can be performed on the grill. Don't limit yourself to just the normal "grilling" and BBQ recipes. Challenge yourself to make gourmet meals on the grill. Any recipe that you can do "inside" can be converted to cook "outside"....which is a heck of a lot more fun...and of course tastes much better.”
  2. Even though it's just the two of us, we grill meals for 4-6 people so that we can have great tasting lunches that we called "planned overs".
  3. GrillGrates have added a new dimension to my grilling. Before I had to limit my direct grilling exposure, because the meat would dry out or burn.

Craig and his wife are the proprietors of Savory Addictions- Gourmet Smoked Nuts! I know I'll have the pleasure of grilling chilling with Craig and Gay in person, but until then I enjoy their wonderful posts and recipes! Don't forget to vote forCraig, you can vote daily.