Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fixed Up with FaceBook

I've had several friends and customers strongly encourge me to be more active with Facebook. BUT -last June FB locked my account over a billing dispute, and I'll spare the details. One year later I get a survey from FB and I reply about my issue and all is forgiven and good. SO over the past couple of weeks I have been poking around FB and updating the GrillGrate Fan page, and seeing how much I need to learn again...

However, I get Facebook a lot better now. (Remember us over 50 year olds are a little slower with this social networking stuff) I need help updating our GrillGrate page and I am anxious to provide another place for GrillGrate customers, fans, and friends to interact. Heck even though the page was locked to me for a year we already have 60 fans. Thank you Facebook for giving me a second chance and thank you to our customers who want to see GrillGrate on Facebook.

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