Friday, October 8, 2010

Enter the Tell Us Your Grate Grilling Stories Contest

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The best part of my job is hearing from customers.  I love hearing GrillGrate stories and particularly grate recipe ideas.  Please tell us your grate grilling story by:
Every entry will be entered to win a copy of Peace, Love and Barbecue by Mike and Amy Mills.  FIVE people will be drawn at random.  Multiple entries are encouraged! 

Every Picture Tells a Story
Penzey's Spices grills for their employees nearly every week
As Rod Stewart says: "Every Picture Tells a Story" Our new friends at Penzey's Spices sent me this picture and grate story.  They purchased one set of GrillGrates a few weeks ago and then ordered 8 more sets.  I called to make sure it wasn't an error and learned that Penzey's grills for their 200+ employees nearly every week.  They bought 8 more sets to cover all their Weber Kettles.  Now that's a grate story and a great company!

Tell Us Your Grate Grilling Story or Recipe

We'll post some of your stories here on our blog and some on the website.  We've even got a few videos from a GrillGrate customer in New Zealand to share.   Check out my new video (90sec) to kick off the Grate Stories contest and this new section on our website.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I love our grillgrate. It is the best cooking utensil we have ever purchased. Previously, my wife would rarely use the grill and I was consigned to do all the grilling. Cooking with the grillgrate is so easy, my wife now grills three or more days a week and I get to relax and enjoy great tasting meals.

Ted B.

Anonymous said...

I love my Grill Grates. As far as I'm concerned they are the best thing ever to happen to BBQ grills!

Joe L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad,
Just had to let you know how much I enjoy your Grill Grates. I got mine this past spring and was so impressed with them that I had to get a set for my youngest son for his birthday. Well he liked them so much and bragged about them to his brother, as did I, that now I just ordered a set for my oldest son for his birthday.
I went to our annual Labor Day family reunion in Colorado (I live in KS) and took along my Grill Grates and used them to do large chicken quarters on my brothers gas was he impressed and the taste was excellent!

Oh! Almost forgot. The other thing a love about these is there is no RUSTY grill!

Thanks again!

Salina, KS

Anonymous said...

I must say, we have much better quality stuff coming off the grill now, no flare ups, beautiful cross hatching marks, it is a pleasure using your product.

George V.

Anonymous said...

I love my grillgrates I'll fight over them. but mine do look well used and I am not bitchin. they are just perfect as far as I see.


THEO W. said...


Anonymous said...

Have been using my GrillGrates on my Weber Q310 and I'm completely satisfied with them. Mucho Great!

Earl J.

Anonymous said...

I have a GrillGrate and a Green EGG the two really make grilling something special. I cannot believe how the combination of the two has change the way I grill - Buy one you will not regret it.

Roy J

Anonymous said...

I would not leave home with out my GrillGrate. I used it many, many times and my grilling results have been great. Food cooks evenly with no flare up and no burning of what ever I am cooking. Plan on purchasing additional grates.

Kery S.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the GrillGrate Brad! It is by far the best grill improvement gadget I have gotten since I purchased my Weber Bullet Smoker three years ago. Several other grillers here in the frozen north are considering buying one, having seen my setup.

Ed M.