Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans!

John Lennon ‘s refrain seems appropriate, as it would have been his 70th birthday last week.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this year as it wraps up and making plans for next year; and I’ve thinking of Lennon’s line and the things that happened this year that weren’t in the plan!  

Never in my wildest dreams
Doing Infomercials on TV was never in the business plan!  I want to thank Tom Dollnig who consulted us to change strategies. Tom brought Mr. Coffee to market and hired Joe DiMaggio so I listened to him! 

Social Media was not in the plan either.  I especially like the customer interaction and the community aspect. My daughter told me I had to create a blog, get on Facebook, find a voice- none of that was in the plan.  Now it is.

Grillers love GrillGrates!
Active customer engagement was not in the plan either.  The grilling industry is the best business I have ever worked in.  Grillers are passionate, active and fun people!  That fun is multiplied when customers take the time to express their pleasure with your product. Active customer engagement was not in the business plan, but it drives us now.

Fishing and grilling as good as it gets!
Nor was appearing in a Fishing Show.  A call out of the blue from a producer hooked me  to fish and grill in an episode.  Twist my arm!  It was a great experience all around and now we’re a sponsor and a fan of LipEm and RipEm hosted by Lefty Larsen. 

Pittmaster star Moe Cason and his wife
Getting a call from Moe Cason who starred on BBQ Pittmaster as a contestant and finalist was a great highlight too.  Thank you to Darren Warth of Smoky D’s for suggesting GrillGrates to Moe.  We had a blast cheering Moe on.  But Moe, why did you plank that chicken in the finals?

No doubt some of life’s greatest moments are unscripted and unplanned.  How boring it would be anyway.  The planning will resume shortly after a birthday celebration with family and friends!

May your plans be aimed high and your heart (and grill) always be warm with the joy of friends.

God Bless and Blessed by God
December 2010

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