Friday, February 4, 2011

Grate Moments in Grilling Contest!

Who better to show and tell why GrillGrates grill food better than YOU The GrillGrate customer!   We want to include your best moments at your grill in new videos we're creating featuring sizzling footage right down the food chain of grilling: Hamburgers, Steaks, Chicken, Brats and Dogs, Fish & Game and more.  Show and tell us why GrillGrates grill food better . Attach pictures, recipes, grate stories and video clips. 

Grate Prizes for Sizzling Footage and Photos!
We're giving away some grate prizes for all photos and footage that makes our videos!
Show us YOUR Grate Moments in Grilling!   We're especially interested in short video clips (less than 30 seconds).
Stay up to date and see the entries on the GrillGrate Facebook Page

First up is grilling perfect hamburgers.  Help us finish this video with your sizzling footage and photos of grilling grate hamburgers.


Anonymous said...

Brad, just wanted to let you know how much I love your GrillGrates. I’ve grilled chicken, turkey, ham, pork, and steaks on them and everything comes out absolutely perfect. Your product does everything you say it does and more. I have to tell you that it’s one of the few items I’ve purchased recently that actually exceeded my expectations. Its ability to suppress flare-ups (always my biggest problem, especially with chicken) is amazing. What a great invention you have here. I was willing to accept some loss of flavor in return for reduced flare-ups, but the flavor is actually BETTER and the food is juicier. I don’t understand how it does everything it does, but I LOVE it! No more chicken fires!

My 84-year old mother spends the winter with me (in Georgia) and she is so impressed with the GrillGrate results that she wanted me to be sure and let you know how well they work. I’m not sure who’s enjoying them more, me or her! Thanks again for a great product. Paul D.

Anonymous said...

Hey just a wing report...first time I cooked wings on my grillgrates...loved it usually you have to watch them closely or they burn...well it was about 10 degrees outside so I didnt feel like standing out there but with the grillgrates all I had to do was put those wings on go inside for 10 or 15 minutes watch some of the game and not... worry about them burning come back and quickly flip them and head back in the house!!! Love them!!

Grillgrates and a Weber Kettle goes together like peas and carrots!!! lol

Anonymous said...

GrillGrates is the best grill accessory I own. My friends offer to buy the meat, if I promise to cook it or smoke it. Works out pretty good for me. Words can't begin to describe how "grate" the food taste that is cooked on the grillgrates. Keep up the "grate" work, and Thank you for a wonderful product. Until we "grillgrate" again,
Todd Ho

Anonymous said...

Hello Brad, Carl from Australia here, just calling to say I have received the grillgrates. How good are they!, I have cooked up some grate steaks, the flavour difference between normal charr grill is amazing. Yesterday I made up some cheeseburgers using chuck steak I minced up myself and did to meathead"s recipe. What can I say, absolutely amazing, my nephews kept coming back for more. Great product Brad, I'll be letting my mates taste the difference and telling them about your grates, all the best Carl N. P.S. I see what you mean about not much gas required, great conductors of heat.

Anonymous said...

This is my second order, this product is the best kept grill secret in grilling history! There is one thing you guys omitted in your advertising, the cost of replacement grills. I'm sure you can do the math. Thanks Gary