Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's ASPARAGUS Season! It's an Artform to Grill Asparagus with GrillGrate!

Photo by Darren Warth of Smokey D's BBQ
Did you know that Asparagus is from the LILY family?  And that it can grow as much as an inch an hour?   ALL I KNOW is that there is nothing better than grilled asparagus!  Spring grilling around our house almost always includes asparagus.  I put them on the grill after the meat or main meal is finished. 

Grilling asparagus used to be quite a challenge not to lose those spears into the grill or have them shrivel, dry out, and blacken.  GrillGrates solves the problem and elevates grilling asparagus to an artform.  

Here's the Easy Formula for Grilling Asparagus with GrillGrate:
  1. Prepare by putting asparagus in a flat dish, coat with olive oil and cracked pepper
  2. Place on hot GrillGrates across the rails as shown above
  3. Using The GrateTool, lift 1/2 or 1/3 of the stalks and hold them with your free hand and flip them over.  You may want to invite your guests to watch you deftly handle this part!
  4. Use The GrateTool to lift and plate after 5-7 minutes on the grill
TIP:  The 5 minute grilling time is a perfect resting period for steaks and many meats.  Rest the meat, grill the asparagus! 

This one minute video demonstrates the technique.  See GrillGrates and The GrateTool take center stage with Asparagus!  Our neighbor Suzanne calls the money shot!  I love spring!

PS- Here's Meatheads ode to asparagus and a great recipe to try.

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