Thursday, December 1, 2011

The GRATE Days of Christmas

I'm still full from Thanksgiving and I already feel overwhelmed with part two of the holidays fast approaching!  My attention deficit disorder is in overdrive!    I made a vow over the Thanksgiving weekend to start each day (calmly) focusing for just a few minutes on what / who / why I am grateful at that moment.  So each morning I first will stop myself from diving in to take stock, maybe even write a few thank you notes and then saddle up!  I'll share a few of them along the way this Christmas season and I would love to hear from you!

The categories for the Grate Days of Christmas are:
  • Grateful Moments
  • Family Holiday Grilling Ideas and Tradition
  • Holiday Gift Ideas for the grilling and chilling lifestyle
  • An Occasional Grate Funny!
Grateful moments:  Being with our kids this past thanksgiving after not being together for nearly a whole year.  Watching our 24 year old middle daughter cut her two siblings hair (26 and 21) before going out dancing- priceless!

Family Holiday Grilling Ideas and Traditions:  Breakfast pizza made its debut in our house 4 years ago (with GrillGrate) and has become one of our all time favorite family grilling traditions.  Gathering in the kitchen over coffee while making and grilling breakfast is a wonderful way to start the day as a family.  No one rushes away from the Ultimate Grilled Breakfast PizzaWe usually make two- with MamaMary's Gourmet pizza crust- the thick lip style. The great thing is all the ingredients can be pre-cooked and prepared the day before- even the gravy.  Just pile high the sausage, onion, potatoes, bacon, hard boiled eggs, gravy oh my!  My son and I even made a video one of this pizza creation for some holiday- I forget which one!   Got a family grilling tradition to share?  Please leave a comment.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Grilling and Chilling Lifestyle:   Want to gift some of the best sauces and rubs in the business?  Denny Mike's Cue Stuff is outlandishly good!  This boy from Maine was Texas trained and his products are gaining national acclaim.  The packaging of his gift boxes is every bit as good as his product. Fintastic has become our go-to fish seasoning.

Funny Caption Winners:   We held a little contest on Facebook for captions to this cartoon.  We'll do that again it was fun to see how creative (and perverted) everyone is!
Winners win Meathead's Temperature Magnet!  
  • My nuggets are burning! My nuggets are burning! -  J. Giametti
  • Cool your tail feathers with GrillGrate-  J. Cole
  • Burned does not mean better - P. Heistad
  • No Angry Birds on the Grill-  F. Evans
  •  Me,  BGG- before GrillGrates - J. Askew
  • GrillGrate, Eat Well, Be Safe, Give Thanks-   ME!  I wanted to end on a grateful note!


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