Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meet Fourie Jordaan- Recently Named New Zealand's Best Griller!

Hogwild Barbecue from New Zealand.  Named NZ best grillerFourie has been a grate customer for several years and we communicate regularly about his adventures.                                                                                                                                         Fourie recently won the title of Best Griller in New Zealand in a contest sponsored by the NZ Lamb & Beef Council and a local radio station.  Fourie ROCKED the contest with stuffed jalapeno burgers that he grilled on GrillGrates!  His prize is fantastic!  A trip to  Memphis in May!  Fourie and his wife are coming to America and I know the BBQ community will treat him well!   
Prize for being named best griller in New Zealand a trip to Memphis in MayPS- Fourie has two people on his hope to meet list:  Mike Mills and Meathead Goldwyn!  The man knows his American BBQ.  
All of Fourie's grills use GrillGrate
Just a few of Fourie's Grills!
Check out Fourie's recipes on his Blog

Meet:  Fourie Jordaan JD

Your Day Job / Career:                           Computer Teacher and Financial Service Provider
Grilling is your passion, that is for sure! How did you become a master griller? 
"My dad use to make drum BBQ's for people when I was still in primary school, as a South African I have always loved to BBQ. BBQ for us is not low and slow we call it a "Braai" with charcoal or hardwood we use to use "Thorn-Bush" to BBQ with. When I came to New Zealand I missed home so much that BBQ became my absolute life line and passion even more. I Buy BBQ's for $1 or more, revamp them cook on them and then sell them for very little again every holiday, therapy I call it. I really started enjoying grilling when I got my grates! Among friends and family and students I am known as the BBQ Guy "JD Hogwild" Hog Wild for BBQ! I have been grilling and BBQ'n for other people for over 30 years now, I have started young bbqen for family!"
Who do you regularly grill for?   
Family, friends normally about 10 - 25 at a time, school fundraising, African days in Auckland, Birthdays for friends
What Signature Dishes Do You Grill Regularly?  
Rump Steak "better than any restaurant" with pepper sauce, Chorizo Red Onion Cheese and Jalapenos Stuffed Burgers number one, Ribs, BBQ Pie my favorite number two.
Do you have GO TO Meals when you grill for a crowd?  
25 - 30 rump steaks at a time for fundraisers or birthday parties, 25 stuffed burgers at a time, lots of ribs at special occasions etc.
How Many Grills do you own?   I don't want to count them up as it will upset my wife!
Congratulations Fourie!  The American BBQ Community looks forward to hosting you!

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