Monday, April 8, 2013

Final FOUR at the Grill!

This weekend we had our own version of the Final Four on our (new) deck.
  • Four Grills
  • Four Fuels
  • 8 rib-eyes, 2 per grill 
 We invited 2 other couples to join us in blind judging.  A Steak-Off for the first nice weekend of spring.  The contestants: 

  1. Weber Kettle fueled by Kingsford 'Original' Briquettes.  The reigning world champion for decades and the grill of choice today by many steak competition teams.  The 2011 World Championship Steak Cookoff was won using a Weber Kettle (and GrillGrates)
  2. Kamado Joe fueled by Wicked Good Lump Charcoal.  Ceramic Kamado grills are the choice of champions in the low and slow world, and they grill hot which makes them a real contender in a steak cook-off
  3. Yoder Pellet Grill  fueled by BBQR's Delights all natural wood smoking pellets.  A pellet grill in a steak cook-off?  The new kid on the deck, and it claims to reach 600F!  This would be our first time grilling hot without the heat shield, right over the burning pot of pellets-- boy were we surprised! 
  4. Charbroil Commercial Series Gas Grill  fueled by propane from my local ACE Hardware.  Still my workhorse the Joe Fraser of my grills if you will.  I have grilled hundreds of restaurant quality steaks on this grill and I was on a mission to grill my best steak tonight
The rules were simple:  I would grill all 8 steaks with the able assistance of my two grilling buddies.  The wives enjoyed watching us and taking pictures.  I'm not sure who had more fun!

It was a guys dream to stand amidst four grills smoking beautifully as the steaks were grilling.  It was a Bellagio Fountain of Smoke! This post will be in two parts.  If you want to skip ahead visit the GrillGrate Facebook page.  Otherwise stay tuned!  We may need Alton Brown to officiate the rematch!

Pellets for grill, lump charcoal, briquettes, propane for grilling
Pellet Vs. Lump, Vs. Briquette, vs Gas
 This was the first nice weekend in Georgia to use the new deck.  Everyone's tails and tongues were wagging!
Ralph's Tail Never stopped moving
pellet grill, kamado grill, weber kettle, Charbroil gas
I bought a deck with a house attached!
GrillGrate, grilling steaks on grill
One Color Per Person

Updated May 21, 2013
And the winner of Round ONE of the Grate Steak-Off was... The Weber Kettle! 

This video may help explain why.  (maybe I'll figure out how to embed?)

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