Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meet Chef Michael!

 Meet Michael Dellaporta! Michael has been our part time IT / Webmaster
for the past two years while working full time as a chef. Now he's flipping his career to become full time with GrillGrate for IT/Web support AND to become our corporate chef and culinary liaison to our customers. Sounds like a grate job, Welcome Michael!

Michael has been a professional chef for nearly 20 years; working in boutique restaurants in Vail, CO (BK... before kids) and most recently at a respected downtown restaurant here in Cartersville, GA. Over the past 2 years Michael has been my culinary advisor as well. He's done trade shows with us and has helped us gain business with commercial customers in catering, restaurant, and food service.

Michael will also help with recipe development, blogging, social media and YouTube videos. Michael is an avid griller. He owns two Weber grills- a Genesis Silver gas grill and his baby, a 18.5 inch kettle. He also owns a custom water smoker. A die hard lump charcoal guy, Michael grills 4-5 times a week. Now he'll be grilling once a week at the office too!
Grilling Lunch Once a Week, add to the job description!

Welcome Aboard Chef Michael!

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Amazing Chef!!!!!!!!!!