Monday, August 5, 2013

2-Zone Grilling with GrillGrate

2-zone grilling is another one of those GRATE DUH moments for me! I had the pleasure
2-zone grilling with GrillGrates on Broilmaster grill
Separating GrillGrates breaks their conductivity
of getting into a long conversation with Chris Finney the fellow who is widely credited with popularizing the reverse sear method for large cuts of meat. During our conversation he asked if I ever separated the GrillGrates on my grill to create a hot zone and a not so hot zone? Duh! That would be no! 

That night I put 2 GrillGrates to the left, 3 to the right and the gap was about 1” between them. I used my infrared gun to measure the temps at the GrillGrates and was floored by the extreme difference in temps I was able to achieve on my trusty old Charbroil grill.
2 zone grilling beets and hamburgers on Broilmaster grill
Left side is at 550F, the right is 350F


I used to have challenges grilling vegetables at the same time I grill steaks or burgers because they get grilled hot! Asparagus really doesn't grill well at 650F! Now I reduce the one side of my grill to low or off and have the other side hot as I need it.

We regularly roast corn, peppers, sweet potatoes, beets- you get the idea!

Please share your experience with 2-zone or any other creative ways to use GrillGrates!
Broilmaster 2 Zone
Charbroil 2 Zone

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James Li said...

I just wanted to make sure i understand because I want to use this technique on my xl big green egg. So do you have 2 seperate burners to create 2 seperate temps that are 200 degrees differnce or is it just one burner.