Friday, April 24, 2015

The Grate Debate... Go on Top or Replace with GrillGrates

This is the question that gas grillers have to decide and this blog post is designed to help that decision.

When we introduced GrillGrate eight years ago, it was one size and one application, to sit on top of the existing surface of any grill, like re-surfacing a road by going on top of the old one. We began offering longer lengths and different shapes to cover more and more grill surface and more types of grills. Last year we began a custom cutting service due to strong demand for precise lengths. WHY? To replace the old, rusty, nasty grill surface, not sit on top of it. 

My grill is two years old and my grates are shot. We hear this every day.

We've always believed that over time GrillGrate would become a standard grill surface, not just an accessory. Today many of our customers are covering most or all of their surface either on top or replacing the existing grates. We are now in the business of full grill replacements as well as an "on top" solution.

Weber Spirit Grill with GrillGratesGrillGrates cook food identically whether they sit on top of existing cooking grids or not.
The difference is how the grill performs and it can be a big difference, especially if the old grates are cast iron. Cast iron is a heat sink. It takes a long time to get hot and a long time to cool down.  The opposite is true with aluminum. Stainless steel does not slow down GrillGrates heating up as much as cast iron.

Replacing your grates with GrillGrates will turbo-charge the
Charbroil grill with GrillGrateseffectiveness of your grill:
  • Very responsive- faster to heat up and cool down, and adjust grill temperatures.
  • More efficient- GrillGrates trap and hold more of a grills' heat, so gas consumption will be less. That saves you money each time you grill.
Weber Genesis Grill with GrillGrates
Precautions with GrillGrates in complete grill replacements:
  • Your grill will run significantly hotter, you may never use high heat setting again.
  • Clean out the grease tray and any grease in older grills before installing replacement GrillGrates.
  • Ideally, leave a gap on the left and right to allow heat to escape into the hood. The gap helps
    keep heat from building up inside the  The GAP is your friend and can be used to separate your grill into zones for searing and roasting as shown. 

2 zone grilling with GrillGrate
Need help deciding the best GrillGrate solution for your grill?
Now there are two ways to re-surface your grill with GrillGrates.  On top or a full grill replacement.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brad and everyone,
I've been using GrillGrates for years in Germany, becoming a firm believer instantly. My grilling results have been impressive with GrillGrates placed on top of the original Weber Q cast-iron grate and on the Weber kettle grill. Still, it's been my impression that the original grates are an obstacle to the full heat reaching the GrillGrates. They also double the cleaning effort unnecessarily. Recently, I discovered that four of the 44-cm-long panels will perfectly cover the entire grilling area of the Weber Spirit 210 grill, without the need to use the original cast-iron grates. That's exactly what I've been looking for! Now I have a brand-new 210 original and four brand-new matching panels. I'm so glad there is a distributor in Germany who offers a good selection of GrillGrates sets. The inauguration is due this weekend. Unfortunately, it's raining... Can't wait to grill the first steaks and pork loin on the new system.
Best regards, and keep up the good work!

Brad Barrett said...

Wonderful to hear from you in Germany Volker! Your Weber Spirit will run more efficiently for sure and it is better than new! GrillGrate, Eat Well!

Unknown said...

Hi another happy user in Europe, but Switzerland this time. I got my grates from a seller in Germany (eBay iirc). Actually I bought my plates before we had the grill. We also have 4 grates on a weber 210, the 2014 model. Never used the original cast iron plates, the grillgrates went on before first firing up the grill.

One minor issue with the 210 - the fit with 4 grates is a bit *too* good, as there is not gap wathsoever and it so it seems quite hard to set two zone grilling. I have tried inverting the grates for hamburgers, as suggested by - works great!

I was coming here to see if I could order some custom grates (so I get an air gap on my 210, and can try playing around with two zone grilling) but unfortunately custome heights are possible but not custome widths. Anyway, great product :)

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