Sunday, July 27, 2008

AHHHH! The Perfect Burger

Who better to grill the The Perfect Burger with than Suzanne Benoit, of the VORTEX Bar & Grill in Atlanta. The VORTEX Burger has named the best burger in Atlanta 13 years in a row! VORTEX burgers are a juicy two fisted delight. Many trips into Atlanta have a trip to the VORTEX included. Suzanne joined me last week to patty and grill Perfect Burgers with GrillGrates. Over a beer in the backyard we make and sample juicy burgers made the Vortex way on GrillGrates.

The Perfect Burger is still one of my favorite grilled meals and we've expanded into stuffed burgers, turkey burgers, even burger logs with GrillGrates. The thing I like to see is how quickly flare-ups are tamed by the GrillGrates. The VORTEX uses only 80/20 ground chuck which makes for the juiciest possible burger, but also requires care not to get the burger engulfed in flames as the juices drip into the fire.

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