Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grilling Pizzas

As a kid in New Jersey I made pizzas at Tony’s Pizzeria in Bridgewater for a couple of years going through college. Those were the disco years and we delivered pizzas on weekends at midnight to a local disco. I enjoyed loading up my orange Chevy Vega with fresh made pizzas. Tony would change shirts- not me I liked being a pizza maker! Flash forward 30 years and I’m making pizzas again. This time to promote GrillGrates our new product. I discovered MamaMary’s gourmet par-baked pizza crusts as we were putting together a recipe guide. At our first tradeshow, MamaMary’s came to the rescue after we ran out crusts on the second day of a nine-day cash and carry show. (Try taking your spouse to a nine-day show that happens over Super Bowl weekend!) We’ve grilled close to 1000 pizzas using MamaMary’s crusts over the past 6 months since MamaMary's FedEx'd dozens of crusts to us in a frozen Harrisburg. We had a grate show and grilled a lot of pizzas AND we had met and sold our first 150 customers! MamaMary’s is now a marketing partner and we include a coupon for a free package of their crust in every GrillGrate kit. We've heard from many of these first customers who have added more GrillGrates to their grill or bought sets for friends. We also had a super recipe posting from Chef Mike a kayak fisherman. But back to the pizza...

I have to tell you that MamaMary's crusts make fabulous grilled pizza! And its a 15-minute start to finish meal, or appetizer, even breakfast pizzas. You don’t have to be a gourmet doughmeister to grill grate pizza! MamaMary’s crusts crisp up just like Tony’s pizzas did. The partially backed crusts take care of the hard part so all that’s left is the fun of designing, building, grilling and eating your pizza. Just typing this makes we want to fire up the grill!

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