Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Back to the QUE! Praise the LARD!

We're making the trip to BBQ Mecca tomorrow- Murphysboro, IL. It will be our second trip. Our first trip was fabulous, getting into the kitchen with Mike and having a great meal with the 17th Street gang. Now we're just playing groupie and hanging out with a bunch of great people and looking forward to spending some quality time to enjoy southern Illinois, and some great BBQ!

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Brad said...

A Grate Trip. It was fun to walk the pits and hear "Hey GrillGrate" it was Tommy Houston of Checkered Pig telling me he needed more GrillGrates! Randy Twyford then tells me about his 2nd place at the Pork Expo- using GrillGrates and my day was made. The 17th Street Gang sure put on a super event!