Friday, October 2, 2009

A Smoking GRATE IDEA from Craig 'Meathead' Goldwyn

A few weeks ago I received this picture from Meathead who runs He introduced me to Candy at BBQRS Delight who manufacturers a wide line of hardwood pellets for smoking. He put a few of Candy's pellets in the bottom valley of the GrillGrates and reported a superb result. Meathead called GrillGrates and BBQRS Delights pellets peanut butter & jelly we go together so well. What a simple and effective way to add smoking to grate grilling!

Candy and I have exchanged products and now I am really impressed. The smoke flavor on our gas grill was amazing. I gave up using smoker boxes on my gasser because it was just a pain to soak em, hide the box and hope it smokes. These little pelets work- and what an assortment! She has a nice Christmas variety pack on her website.

Candy also competes and right now she is at the Mac Daddy of them all- The Kansas City Royal. Good Luck Candy! and use your GrillGrates for your chicken entry! And a special thank you to Craig Goldwyn aka 'Meathead' for your enthusiasm and support of GrillGrates! GrillGrate, Eat Well!

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