Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Park Another Sunday!

A favorite Doobie Brothers song.  Got me thinking about another 'low and slow' Sunday coming up tomorrow.  Just hung up the phone with Tommy Boy to confirm the details:
  • Feeding 12-14 (the usual range)
  • 3 Racks of Ribs
  • 2 Spatchcock Chickens
  • Sides courtesy of the ladies
Eating 5:30ish, Start time 11:30ish to prep the ribs.  A 4-5 beer grilling for sure!  (Tommy Boy sprung for another keg of Stella which makes it much easier to lose count)

This video was from a low and slow Sunday a couple of weeks ago:
  • Feed 12-14 (detect a pattern) 
  • 1 Butt (pork shoulder actually)
  • Sausages soaked and bathed in beer
  • Cuban corn recipe (from Travel & Leisure)

GrillGrate, Eat Well!  

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