Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pleasant Surprise!

Our oldest is home from AZ for a wedding.  All three kids home for dinner this past Thursday and unbeknownst to me they had a belated Father's Day dinner in mind with me grilling of course.  Well as usual I could not get out of my office in time and found that Susan had purchased a 'Choice Rib Roast' (as opposed to Prime Rib Roast) for me to grill for Prime Rib.  After consulting and learning a bit more about grilling Prime Rib (restuarant variety) at home, I realized I did not have enough grilling time- unless we ate way late.   The tribe vetoed that option.

So we decided to 'steak' the roast and seasoned them with Lawry's Seasoning Salt.  We let the steaks come to room temp with the seasoning, now we had all the time we needed for a proper cocktail hour with all three kids and mother-in-law.   I grilled the well marbled steaks at 500F- not too hot.  10 minutes total for 1.5" cut slabs:  WOW!  The steaks were absolutely wet with melted fat and did not shrink up.   They were delicious.  Our grilled prime rib was a huge hit that everyone was talking about the next day.

Why I didn't grab the camera I'll never know.  We're already discussing our Fourth of July Grilling Menu and this little surprise will be one of the main meals we're doing.   What's on your GrillGrates!

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Christine said...

great plan B right there. is that all that you did to the meat? I want to do that too.