Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally a wiff of Fall in the air

Finally the early mornings have a tint of coolness.  Soon we'll have deep blue skies and we'll be turning off the AC!  I can't wait to open the windows again!  It's been a HOT summer and we've developed a new grilling routine that we'll be perfecting for many summers to come!

Low and Slow Sundays (link to 2 min video) has already become a summer tradition at Tom and Bev's house, and I think always will be.  Between the pool, the keg and his mojo grill, it's about as good as it gets!  We learned to do pork butts (shoulders) on his honking gas grill. 6-8 hours of grilling on a Sunday is a nice way to spend the day. 

Last weekend was the first Sunday we grilled over 400 all summer!  You can't imagine weeks of rendering from butts and wings that had built up on Tom's GrillGrates (link to pictures).  But I digress.

We grilled steaks while the girls were away, school has started, and TAILGATING season is here! I think our tailgating will consist mostly of game day home grills at Tommy Boy's hang!  I keep telling him he's running out of time to get a flat screen in there!

I have fond memories of big time tailgates at the 'old' NY Giants Stadium in New Jersey.  Now WEBER has a tailgating pavilion set up at the 'new' Giants stadium.  Grilling is a great business and it's tailgating season!  Here's a sneak peak to some great tailgate recipes.

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Casey Knox said...

I will definitely be having a tailgating pizza party this year. And will taking my grates with me to the game!