Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great to see them fly off!

Three generations involved in helping our daughter get herself to Austin to begin law school.  We've had her and Will's college apartments stuffed into our living room and dining room all summer; and thats on top of all my GrillGrate stuff!  Last week our son drove to Mojave CA in record time to start a new job.   Two move-outs in two weeks.  All three kids in the SW now.  Guess we'll be traveling more.

Saying goodbye to our middle one is always tearful and still is!  They're almost to Austin as I type and and I've got a big house to get cleaned before Mama Bear gets home on Sunday!

It has been two weeks since I've blogged. I think I will post a trip report!  There was some grate grilling involved to be sure!   We squeezed in a family vacation before all this moving out stuff...

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brad said...

Been choking up all alone in a very empty and very dirty house. Suddenly the job is done.