Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Products in The GrillGrate Store

We just added three new products to the GrillGrate Store:
 Gift Pack of BBQR's Delight Smoking pellets.  Just a few pellets in the valleys of the GrillGrates is instant smoke.  I find myself putting pellets on almost y GrillGrates all the time and using them in my Kamado Joe's lump charcoal too.  The SUPER SMOKER SET has 4 one pound bags of their best sellers including Jack Daniels, Apple, Mesquite and Hickory.  Meathead of called GrillGrates and BBQR's Delights peanut butter and jelly we go so well together.  
Four 1 lb. bags of best selling flavors
  • STUFZ  Gourmet Burger Stuffer.   There's a new breed of burger at the grill!  It's BIG, BAD, STUFFED and TOO BIG FOR A BUN! We used to make stuffed burgers infrequently as they are hard to make, huge, and they often slide apart like a melting cake.   STUFZ has changed that.  Now its 50% of the time we're filling the pocket with something- even macaroni and cheese.  We called it the Mac Daddy Burger.  
  • The Sauce Tool is a great way to sauce chicken, ribs, and food on the grill.  No muss, no mess and no waste.  And with GrillGrates you can sauce away!  Two brushes are included, one for thicker sauces, one for thin sauces even thin marinades.
    Attaches to most squeeze bottles
We've had so much fun testing and using these products AND giving them away as prizes in our Grate Moments in Grilling Contest that it only makes sense to sell them too.  Most time shipping is free when ordered with GrillGrates! Add these great gifts to your next GrillGrate order!

GrillGrate, Eat Well!  

P.S. Thank you to the more than 100 people who took our survey and shared their thoughts, recipe interests and ideas with us.  We appreciate our grate customers!  We'd love your feedback too.  

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