Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grill Steaks like a Champion! The Steak You Save Just Might Be Your Own!

There is little room for error when grilling steaks. Alton Brown says it succinctly- “fire is bad!” It does bad things to food not just from a health standpoint but from a taste standpoint too.  Burned is not better!  Perfectly seared steaks are caramelized not singed. The natural flavors and juices can easily be overshadowed by char or a sooty taste. Nor do we want to see the exterior of the steak scorched while the center is purple! 
Bumper to Bumper Rare!  Grate Customer in  Germany.

Everyone has their own definition of a perfect steak.  For me it's bumper to bumper rare to medium rare!  
Brett Gallaway's Formula to Grill Steaks like a Champion:
Time to take them off for a brief rest.
  • GrillGrates
  • Instant Read Thermometer
  • Good Piece of Meat 
  • Liberally salt steak and allow to sit out of the refrigerator
  • Bring steaks to room temperature, as the salt opens the meat and brings the myoglobin to the surface (not blood- see Meathead's review on this subject)
  •  After 20 minutes, blot the surface of the steak dry removing some of the salt.  (Many people suggest oiling steaks- we don't.  We oil fish filets for grilling but not steaks.)
  • Pepper and season to taste. Go easy on the seasoning. Note if the steak seasoning has salt in it be careful not to over-salt.  Most of the time we just use salt and pepper on steaks.
  • Continue to bring to room temperature and allow seasoning to penetrate the meat.  
  • Get your GrillGrates HOT! 500F-650F (not 800F unless you want crunchy sear marks)
  • Lay steaks at an angle on the GrillGrates and note your time.
  • In TWO minutes LIFT and TWIST 90 degrees to create a cross hatch (do not turn yet)
  • In TWO more minutes TURN to reveal nicely seared and diamon marked steak- cook to finish
  • Use an Instant read to measure internal temp. Pull steaks 10 degrees lower than target temp. I pull my steaks at 125-130F anticipating them to rise to 135-140F
  • REST the steak for 2-3 minutes, (Meathead has debunked the resting period for steaks.) 10 minutes for extra thick steaks (do not tent with foil- as they will cook more and overshoot doneness)
  • Serve, Observe and Listen for guttural sounds of gastronomic joy!
For More Steak Tips: watch Brett Gallaway of United Steaks of America Cook Team in this recent video created by Walmart. 
Four of Five Money Winners at the 23rd Annual World Championship Steak Cook Off grilled their steaks using GrillGrates.  

Thanks Brett! 
PS- Brett & his Team have won more than a dozen championships in the past three years!


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Why is the video marked "private?"

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20 June 2014, video is still marked "private"!!!