Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love People. Cook them tasty food.

If ever there was a mantra to live by! I got that bumper sticker and a whole lot more when my wife and I visited Penzey's Spices manufacturing facility outside Milwaukee, WI last week. We went there to meet a GrillGrate customer, and wound up meeting a great company- a real American story. Our timing was perfect too.
Rob,  Quality Control by day, Grill-Master every Wednesday
For the past 15 years every Wednesday Penzey's grills lunch for their employees. When they started the Wednesday tradition they were feeding 50 people, now its over 200 who dine in a comfortably furnished dining room. And they serve sandwiches on Tuesday, soup on Friday and donuts on Thursday morning- all free to the employees. 

George Van Valkenburgh,  GM of Penzey's gave us the nickle tour and by the time we got outside to the Eight smoking Weber grills, Susan and I were overwhelmed by everything we'd seen and heard.    

Love People. Cook them tasty food. Penzey's lives it in every aspect of the company:
  • Penzey's has established relationships with small growers / farmers around the world and ship spices whole to the US to preserve freshness. Spices are not ground until they are ready for production. The entire production is done in house. Grinding, blending, packaging, labeling-- even photography. I recognize those sear marks!
  • Penzey's offer a summer job to every child of every employee who wants a job. “We'll find them something to do” explained George.
  • A magazine quality catalog is published 8x a year that features heart-warming stories from customers, their recipes, photos, even drawings from their children! It's a great read. Each issue has 15 new recipes including two letters from Bill- second generation owner and chairman of Penzey's. 
A company favorite Turkish Kabobs
Is Love a spice? It is at Penzey's! Penzey injects a healthy dose of love into everything they do.  Bill signs off his letters in the recent grilling issue with two great thoughts:
  1. Kindness works.
  2. Love People. Overcome Obstacles.
Thank you George, Rob and everyone at Penzey's for sharing your great story with Susan and I. Just like a good meal, if your still thinking about the experience the next day or two- you know if was mighty good!

Love People, Cook them tasty food.

Sign up for the Penzeys Spice Catalog: Love to Cook, Cook to Love.

Thanks Penzey's for sharing the love with Susan and I. 

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