Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seariously Grate Recipes!

What do a retired funeral home director, a South African teaching high school in New Zealand, and a nutty entrepreneur from Kansas City have in common? They all have a passion for grilling; they are legitimate foodies with great recipes, and they are outstanding photographers to boot. And they use GrillGrates when they grill of course! Add it all up and it's a formula for Seariously Grate Recipes!
Fourie Joordan
Craig Jones
Andy Scalzo

Meet Andy Scalzo, Craig Jones, and Fourie Joordan. First, meet their grills! For the next several weeks we'll be featuring some of their gratest hits (I could not resist). Each has their own distinct grilling style and expertise which we will share in more detailed profiles in upcoming blog posts. We're publishing several of their recipes on and it has been a pleasure getting to know them.
  • Fourie Joordan is a computer science teacher in New Zealand with a serious passion for BBQ. He goes under the moniker Hog Wild BBQ and his recipes, photos and videos share his passion. His Facebook page and blog is a culinary tour of South Africa grilling fare by way of New Zealand.
  • Craig Jones is a computer IT guy, grill-master and entrepreneur with Savory Addictions Gourmet Nuts as well. Craig is a Weber man, but recently joined the cult of the Kamado and is a disciple of Jamie Perviance noted griller, Weber spokesman, and cook book author.
  • Andy Scalzo Retired Funeral Home Director from Spooner, Wisconsin. Andy is a Kamado guru, a genius with smoke and wood flavors and prolific with his camera! His work caught the attention of Kamado Joe and Andy now works with them as a social media consultant- and indie photographer.
I look forward to sharing their grate culinary creations and their passion with our customers.  If you are not already Facebook friends with Andy, Craig, and Fourie you should be. Their posts will delight you with great grilling fare and how to's. 

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brad said...

Enjoying working with you guys to share your great recipes.