Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Grilling Set Up-

I winterized our deck!  I reconfigured the grills, bringing the Yoder Pellet Smoker front and center figuring its going to see more action this winter and the Kamado Joe likely will see less.   I rolled the Joe to the back of the porch content to have quick access out the kitchen door.  It only took one grilling to roll the Kamado Joe back too!  I missed the Roost Table from Select Outdoor Kitchens immediately.  The drawers are water tight and house lighters, thermometers, jars of pellets and more.  And I find I use the KJ for higher heat cooks and searing.

I expected a little push back from my wife but she just smiles and humors me.  As long as I keep on grilling I should be good to go.  I'm going to keep a journal on a calendar this winter to track which grill I use and what we grilled.  Tonight and tomorrow the Yoder gets big-time duty in the cold.  Looking forward to smoking our turkey on the YS400 tomorrow!  Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to Winter Grilling! 

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