Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Grilling Tips & Survey

We are already in full planning mode for our holiday menus, especially the big feasts.  I'm a big believer in preparation and  logistics.  With that in mind here are a few simple tips to utilize your grill(s) and your griller for great holiday meals!

Holiday Grilling Tips from Chef Michael
  1. Use multiple grills to stage various parts of the cook- see our earlier blog post for more
  2. Use your gas grill as a warmer / holding box
  3. Dedicate a gas grill to grill a variety of vegetables at once and keep the work out of the kitchen.
  4. Use the GrateGriddle as an anti-griddle (cold plate) for serving food that needs to stay cool.
This year Susan and I are excited to have 16 people join us for dinner Christmas Eve. You bet I will be grilling!  AND I think a dry run is in order!

We'd love to hear what you plan on grilling for the holidays, your signature meals or questions you'd like to ask.  Please take our Holiday Grilling Survey

Grate Holiday Grilling Ahead! 
Got a Holiday Grilling Question?

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