Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two Original Grilled Desserts to Wow Your Sweetheart & A Valentine's Day Photo Contest for our Grate Customers.

Valentine's Day 2014

While many people will brave the crowds and eat out at their favorite restaurant on Valentines Day many couples will be staying home cooking their favorite dinner for 2 together.  I would venture to guess that grillers especially GrillGrate owners are more likely to be staying home for Valentine's day and grilling their meal.

After you've grilled that delicious dinner for two, leave the grill on low and grill up some sweet desserts for your partner at the table of life!

Here are two dessert recipes that are simple and easy to make ahead and be ready for that right moment to grill sweets for you and your sweetheart. Both these original recipes use flour tortillas, simple stuffings and delicious fruit:

Win $50 in GrateBucks and a GrillGrate T-Shirt!  

 Please share your grill and grate plate pictures to win!

 Snap a few pics of your Valentine's Day grill on on on Facebook or We'll pick one lucky winner next week. 

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at GrillGrate!  

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