Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Grilling Keeps The World Warm!

A while back we were approached by one of our dealers in Europe, Haupert Klaus-Dieter, about sending some of our GrillGrates over for an upcoming grilling competition. 
We gladly obliged and sent them twelve round GrillGrate kits and banners. These grates were to be distributed to the teams that were competing and to be used on various charcoal grills. Haupert and his gang of grillers are big fans of our product and have been using them for years but these grates were destined for the uninitiated.

A month or so goes by and then one day we are treated to a few hundred of the most incredible pictures from the event! Come to find out the event was called “Jack the Iceburger” and it was held high up in the Allgäu mountains at a ski resort. As the name entails this was a burger grilling competition with teams coming from all over Europe to give it their best shot.

GrillGrates were very well represented at the event. Our banner was everywhere and it seems as if everyone had a GrateTool in hand at one point. The teams prepared some amazing renditions of their take on the American classic with a lot of emphasis on presentation and garnish. These guys were not afraid to push the envelope and combine some very untraditional and unique flavors like brie and cranberry. In the end, the winner was a team named “Smokin BBQ Team” but for us the real winner was the multitude of amazing photographs. One of the guys in the competition, Tom Heinzle, recently came out with a book called “WinterGrilling”. He attended with one of his photographer friends in tow. The resulting images are some of the finest grilling photographs we have ever seen. We want to share them with you.

See more Grate pics from the event here or  see all 200+ pics from the event here

We here in America are finishing up one of the roughest winters in years but as our Facebook friends will testify- the grill still works in the cold. Many of us have persevered and were not slowed down by snow and sleet, literally digging our grills from the blanket of white stuff to cook our food in the great outdoors -the way it was meant to be. Our friends over in Europe don't seem to have a problem with winter grilling and it was really inspiring to see how they do a competition across the pond. Grilling and BBQ are truly an international language and the smell of smoke and cooking meat is universal in its appeal.  

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