Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rembering Dad at the Grill on Father's Day

Cheers Dad!
Father's Day at the grill is especially poignant for me as my Dad was a big griller and I have carried on the flame, but not his syringe for putting out flare-ups! (Dad was in the syringe business) Grilling with my Father are some of my fondest memories.

His signature dish was marinated london broil which became my signature dish as a young man. Every Father's Day we break out Dad's recipe of marinading a large london broil over night in Catalina French Dressing and pepper corns. That sweet tangy dressing really permeates the meat and makes for a great bark.

I'll hoist my scotch to you Dad when I've got that London Broil searing!

Grilled Breakfast Pizza on GrillGatesLinks to 3 Grate Father's Day Recipes that have become staples in our house:
  • Ultimate Breakfast Pizza- Pre-cook the ingredients the night
    before so in the morning its just assemble grill and eat.
  • London Broil on GrillGratesBurgers Brats & Beer- Be ready for the crowd by keeping extra packages of brats and burgers around if Dad's buddies show up
  • My Father's London BroilMy Father's London Broil- A family tradition in our house started by my Father more than 50 years ago.

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