Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grlll More, Eat Less!

That is my resolution for the New Year among a few others. After all grilling is the healthiest way to cook- especially lean meats, fish and vegetables. I packed on more than a few pounds this holiday with wonderful home cooked meals and deserts almost every night. Grilling only works with real food, and I need to limit myself to real food and a little less of it at that. A little less cheer will help too. My wife and I are whipped after another whirlwind holiday with family, friends and out of town guests and the recovery process started today. We are back to empty nester status as of this afternoon when our youngest headed back to school. It was great to have them all home and it is great to have them all happy to get back to their worlds too.

My middle one snuck out with the left over brisket from our Low & Slow New Year's Day Party. We had brisket, beans and collard greens at a friends farm. The day was complete with a sauna and polar bear jump into the cold lake. What a way to cure what ails you! A new tradition has been established I hope. The bed & breakfast that was our home is now closed, but the grills are still warm. May your grill warm you and nourish you and your family and friends in 2009. Grill More, Eat Less!


Bryan said...

Looks like a good time. Happy New Year Brad!

chefjulienne said...

To all you winter grillers, I have fallen in love with my weber all over again! I gave Grill Grates to my best friends this Christmas, and have some serious grilling addict friends now. The clean-ability and no fail grilling results are what my friend Sam reported. But Ilene couldn't believe the easy fish grill. The best grill accouterment ever. Thank you Grill Grate. Plus, I am so lucky to be in Decatur Georgia where Ace Hardware and Cook's Wearhouse both carry GG.

brad said...

Confession to make! Chef Julienne helped me develop many of the recipes on our website. She has gifted GrillGrates to a lot of her friends and has been a grate supporter! Thanks for helping your friends Grill Great Julienne!