Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Grilling

I read somewhere that Super Bowl Sunday is the 7th most popular day for grillers. I'm going to a neighbors for pot luck and he doesn't have a grill so I'm bringing one of mine. BUT I have no intention of getting tied to the grill and missing game time. This cookout is all about pre-game, appetizers and I've done my part. I am sticking to my grill more eat less diet, I'm taking a couple bags of large tortillas, cheese, (ouch picked that up today for $8 bag) olive oil and some vegetables. During cocktail hour I'll be grilling a bunch of Super Bowl tortillas for people to decorate as they choose with Salsa, Quac, Sour Cream, etc. I can grab most of if from the fridge so thats a bonus. Tortillas make great bases for quesadillas on the grill and nifty appetizers. The tortillas cook fast at 400F and I go for 3 turns to get the sear and stiffness. Sometimes they'll bubble up with air on the grill. Hot off the grill it is 5 minute grill duty. Of course I'll grill the vegetables first over a beer or two, and maybe some brats, but mostly its tortillas for healthy grilled appetizers. Got to have some hangtime at the grill before kickoff!

  • Two large flour tortillas form a sandwich with cheese
  • Oil or spray one side and place downward on cutting board
  • Sprinkle 3 Mex Blend cheese over topside and place
  • Second tortilla on top- spray or brush the topside with olive oil and you are ready for the grill.

  • Best on Gas Grills for fast controlled temp- 400F
  • You'll know you are too hot when the sear marks are black
  • 2 minutes then turn with Grate Tool
  • 2 minutes quarter turn
  • 1 minute turn- or off the grill- cut into 6 or 8 slices for Super Bowl grilled quesadillas.
I'm going to try and make a stack before hand but its supposed to be nice- I might go fishing. I'll also bring a couple of MamaMary's Gourmet Pizza Crusts . There's going to be some good pizza fixings for a grilled pizza or two at halftime! I'm rooting for the Cards, mostly because Warner is a class act, and he was a good NY Giant for a short time.

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