Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NBBQA Members Join the GrillGrate Restaurant Trial- limited quantity available

Two weeks ago we made the trek to Murphysboro IL to visit with Mike Mills, Amy Mills, Becky Streuter and their staff. 17th Street Barbecue was named The Best Ribs in the USA by Bon Appetit Magazine and we just had to see and taste for ourselves! AND Mike has been using GrillGrates in his kitchen since we met last October. We finally produced the custom 20” lengths he wanted for his char-broilers and flat tops.

We did not want to simply ship these new commercial grade GrillGrates to Mike and Becky. It was all we needed to say—road-trip! Spending a half a day in the kitchen with Mike working with GrillGrates will be a highlight for Susan and me for a long time. We also visited one of the 17th Street locations in nearby Marion, IL to meet with their kitchen staff that had already been working with GrillGrates; and then back to Murphysboro for a family style dinner at the original 17th Street location. Full racks for both Susan and me ended a really great day. The southern Illinois area is a nice place to visit with a thriving wine for the industry along with scenic countryside and small towns. We’ll be back September 24-26 Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-off, if not before!

Join 17th Street and other restaurants who are evaluating GrillGrates for their flat-tops and char-broilers. We have a limited supply of 20” GrillGrates at discounted pricing for you to use in your restaurant. The width is 5.25”. Four Interlocking Professional GrillGrates create a 20" x 21" grilling surface. Please contact me directly for pricing and immediate shipping. NBBQA members enjoy a 15% discount on all GrillGrate products, use NBBQA in coupon area of the GrillGrate web store.


Bryan said...

Great News Brad!!

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased with how well and how awesome your product is working for me at my Sparta location we only have an electric charbroiler which leaves little to desire for cooking steaks and burgers. With the grill grates it turns the electric charbroiler into something that works great. Sear marks on the meat are awesome and cleaning seams to get better the more we use them. I am very pleased with how this product works and I tell everyone about them. Thanks Mike

Mike Mills
17th Street Bar & Grill