Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NRA Hot Chef Grilling Challenge on YouTube

I could not resist entering this grilling challenge! Produce a 2 minute video and incorporate hot trends in restaurant fare as reported in the 2009 research from the other NRA- the National Restaurant Association. I focused on #2 top trend (#1 was local organic) which was bite size mini desserts. Winners get a trip to Chicago to attend the National Restaurant Show and do a demo on the main stage. Nice prize, nice contest.

Our raspberry chocolate yummy is a tasty dessert for the table but sticking to bite size pieces will be more difficult. To round out the video we grilled ravioli for appetizer- again a hot trend of appetizers for the table and salmon and asparagus for the main course. We grill appetizers often, it gets everybody noshing and cocktail hour gets a bit of an extension. This recipe fits into our Grill More, Eat Less mantra as long as you stick with the bite-size dessert trend!

Here is a link to all the entries and you can rate my video there but not from inside this blog. I used GrillGrates as the contest also called for new techniques, but I did not to make it a GrillGrate commercial-in fact I never even mentioned them- I was focused on the food! Win, lose or draw it was fun to enter, and I continue to be amazed at the power of YouTube and all this social media stuff!

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