Thursday, May 21, 2009

Expand Your Grilling Repertoire and Grill A 3 Course Meal this Memorial Day Weekend!

America is heading to their backyard grills this weekend, now more than ever. Backyard grilling is one of the positives coming out of this challenging economy. More time around the grill with friends and family is never a bad thing. Are you grilling more these days? Here are a few tips to take your grilling up a few notches and stretch the food budget too.
  1. Start with Appetizers- Extend grilling and chilling time and give everyone a little nosh. Delight your guests with Grilled Ravioli, Quesadillas or Pizzas. Now for the best part- they are all simple on the grill- especially with GrillGrates.
  2. Do a Grilled Vegetable Plater- part 2 of extending grilling and chilling time. Fill the grill with a medley of vegetables- whole and sliced: zuchinni, squash, peppers, carrots, and peeled wedges of beets, sweet potatoes and more. Coat or spritz with olive oil, cracked pepper and salt. Grill ahead of the main course and plate all together and keep warm under foil while you tend to the main course. Grilled vegetables will compliment every grilled meal.
  3. Grill Dessert- Quesadillas make marvelous desserts. Easy to make ahead of time and 10 minutes on the grill delivers a finishing flourish to an easy three course meal. Try Christoper Columbus Apple Pie or Laura's sliced pears and goat cheese, or my personal favorite- raspberry chocolate yummy.
Grill More and Eat Less this Memorial Day Weekend!
2 min video for easy, healthy, and impress your friends fun three course meal on the grill.

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