Monday, May 11, 2009

Savoring a Well Seasoned Grill Grate

I grilled a lot over the Mother's Day Weekend and found myself using all 3 grills on the patio. The grills had several sets of Grill Grates in various stages of seasoning and break-in. I took the opportunity to take pictures of each of the GrillGrates before and after cleaning. All three of my grills had the remains of great grilling, they were all quite messy, and they cleaned up surprising easily with just a few brushes using a grill pad brush.

I admit to flip flopping on the care and seasoning of the hard anodized GrillGrates. I am over my anal stage and in fact have not cleaned any of my GrillGrates in the sink for quite a while. I just wipe them down on the grill as they warm up. Feedback from customers and restaurant users confirm that GrillGrates get easier to clean as they break-in, and they reach a point where you barely need to even wire brush them. The debris literally wipes off using the grill pad type brushes AND- another flip flop here- a lot of our customers report using the GrateTool to clear debris from the valleys, and I have to admit it does!

This weekend I realized I was savoring the GrillGrate clean-up as a ritual to Grilling Grate! Then onto the pure joy of letting my charcoal Weber and the GrillGrates do their magic with thick lamb chops along with a little magic from a Julia Child marinade...

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