Wednesday, May 27, 2009

QVC went GRATE on Sunday!

QVC was a success! We made our numbers with Grill Grate on Sunday's In The Kitchen Show with David Venable (who was amazing) and then enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day at Longwood Gardens in Chester County, PA. That was the perfect follow-up to a long and stressful day at QVC. Being a first time guest is a whirlwind as we watched the "professional" guests whiz in and out to demonstrate a myriad of fabulous products. Several of our friends watched more than 3 hours of QVC on Sunday expecting us in the noon hour and we finally went on sometime after 2:00PM. A few mentioned that they bought other stuff waiting for us to come on. QVC has it going on!

Speaking of friends, I have been overwhelmed since Sunday. I keep finding myself pausing to be thankful and grateful for so much help, support, cheering and friendship. If I had to make a picture of friend it would be Suzanne B, a frequent traveling companion and consummate friend. She helped Susan and I prep food, helped me pre-grill and otherwise shared the nerves and support role with style. Suzanne's best comment: She was more nervous than at any of her 4 weddings!

I am grateful for friends, customers, and all the pro's at QVC! This newbie appreciated the extra care and support. I'm glad it is over, and I am glad to be able to come back soon, but now it is time to go back to work!

PS- If you want to see my Grill Grate debut on QVC-here is the link. At this point I only see how much I can improve!

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philancy said...

GRATE job on QVC. Jim and I feel like we know a celebrity! You looked terrific and the knee banging was barely discernible. Way to go! Grilling ravioli tonight!

Philancy and Jim Kennedy