Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally GrillGrates for the cult of the Big Green Egg!

It only took two customers to lead me to this very nifty solution for the large Big Green Egg. Cutting of the corners on two GrillGrates creates left and right halves that allow for three GrillGrates, not 2 on the large BGE. All that is involved is cutting 2" triangle off of four corners of two grill grates. We'll put a quantity in inventory and get product sheets ready asap. Working on the medium BGE (15inch diameter) too. Green Egger's are an amazing bunch and are the most loyal, rabid consumer cult I know other than iPhone users! Just goes to show how deep the thrill of the grill runs in America.

I'd love to hear from our BGE customers, email me pictures! ( We're putting together a web album in your honor. GrillGrate, Eat Well!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brad. Glad to see you're eggin. I love the grates. Will send a broke in picture.


brad said...


You showed me the way! Debi took a hacksaw to 2 GrillGrates to round off the corners. Fit very nicely now on the large BGE. Thanks DEBI!