Sunday, June 28, 2009

UpGrated Tommy Boy's Grill!

Tom & Bev graciously encouraged us to hang at their pool this weekend while they were out of town- which we did. Tom has a super man-cave / chilling shed with Stella on tap! Next thing you know we're grilling for eight! Friends brought chicken, brats, burgers, corn, pot stickers, and quesadillas which I grilled in a procession on Tom' new grill. This grill is the size of our Volkswagen and I finally got the opportunity to upgrade Tom with new GrillGrates for his new grill. I've tried to swap out his old testers that he's had for over a year but he kept saying they were just breaking in! I went back to our house and picked up 5 new GrillGrates and my camera.
Tom's signature dish is wings, he grills them several times a week- every week. His teenage daughter is seriously addicted to her Dad's wings. Wings are like that annoying tree in your yard that drops junk year round, but is just too beautiful to chop down. The grease that comes out of wings is amazing and so were the condition of Tom's GrillGrates! I bet that Tom has grilled several hundred pounds of wings on these grates dating back to his old grill. The grates were some of our first test products, they were stuck together, most of the holes were plugged up. I got my chance to UpGrate Tommy Boy's grill and hit the reset button. We ate well and I even let Ralph (the hound) have a beer! Thanks Tom and Bev! I did clean the pool while we were relaxing with Stellas!

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