Friday, November 20, 2009

Get the Bird out of the Kitchen and Onto the Grill

This will be our second year that we'll grill our Thanksgiving Turkey so I am no expert, but I am surely a convert! I doubt that Susan would let me do it indoors again anyway, she gets her kitchen back and I am in the game instead of watching it!

Here are a couple of very good resources to get your bird on the grill!
1. Bon Appetit did a really nice over-view of how to grill a turkey complete with good graphics for grill set-up for gas and charcoal. It was in this month's issue. I'm going to use my gas grill again since it has such good heat control and my Kamado is still an unfinished repair job...
2. has the most comprehensive information on grilling a turkey that I have seen. Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn writes extensively on the art and science of great grilling and this is a superb read that I look forward to following along at the grill. Gobble until you wobble!
3. NY Times- A butcher's approach to carving a turkey. I discovered this gem last year and it really is the best way to carve the bird. Removing the bones from the meat makes such a difference! And forget carving it at the table!
4. Spatchcocking - Bitten Word with credits to Martha Stewart. We've just started doing this with chicken and really want to try with our Turkey.


Anonymous said...

Man, dats de way we used to cook wild pigeon in de sout Pacific circa.1950's.

The grill grate is the modern method.
But, we would cook birds and fish on hot rocks
We used to(50 years ago)pluck the bird, butterfly it and then heat smooth rocks in the fire.
Then put the birds on top of the hot rocks, same thing with the fish.
If you did not want to turn it we would pile some more hot rocks on top.....
Don't know what kind of rock it was, it was hard and smooth and did not explode when heated..
New Hebrides Islands.....1950's

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Anonymous said...

The grilled turkey works… I smoked one and grilled one….The grilled one got gone first

Anonymous said...

We took your suggestion and grilled our turkey on the egg this year, it was amazing! 22lber for 15 people, and the gravy we made from the drippings made a great smokey type gravy that was unreal. Outstanding, best turkey we've had.