Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Second Winner of Make Your Mark With GrillGrates

"I love my GrillGrates. A Lot!
This is the best new product I have tested in years. The concept is so very clever on so many levels: The base blocks flare-ups and helps prevent burning. As a result, meats brown beautifully, and you get really crispy chicken skin without scorching. Juices drip into the valleys between the rails where they are vaporized and the vapors penetrate the meat enhancing flavor. The holes in the base allow some juices down and smoke and combustion gases up to reach the food adding more superb flavors. I have made my best steaks and burgers ever with GrillGrates."
Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn 10/31/09

After a review like that I picked up the phone and had an enjoyable discussion of grate grilling with Meathead. We discussed the physics of burger and steak grilling. The Hamburger is an iconic field for foodies and grillers in particular. Craig feels that GrillGrates are the missing link to The Perfect Burger! Thank you Meathead! and back at you as our 2nd Winner in the Make Your Mark with GrillGrates contest!

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