Friday, December 4, 2009

The Gratest Gift for an Egger! Thanks EggHead Paul!

As we were packing several gift orders of custom GrillGrates for the Big Green Egg and I reminded myself to thank EggHead Paul for helping me get GrillGrates into the wonderful green world of the BGE. This is a great lesson in product development:
  1. A customer sends you a picture of how they took a hack saw to your product and modified it to fit their needs.
  2. You show that picture to a BGE owner - in this case my buddie EggHead Paul
  3. Paul says I'd like one like that too and gets out his saw.
  4. Brad watches as Paul cuts GrillGrates. I take a few pictures...
  5. We get invited to the Annual Eggfest in Altanta and I take EggHead Paul as Wingman (and borrow his Egg to practice)
  6. Now I've been told that "We have the best gift you could give an Egger." That just came from an BGE owner who ordered two sets for each of his sons as Christmas Gifts.
And now as Paul Harvey says you know the rest of the story!

Thank You EggHead Paul!
and Thank You to all the loyal Big Green Egg customers out there who are grilling grate!

Oh, it didn't take a genius to figure out we needed to do this for rabid Weber customers too!

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