Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New to Que

I'm man enough to admit that I am new to barbecue! To clarify, I've been a griller for over 30 years, but never a low and slow guy.  Is being from NJ an excuse?  Not really since I've lived in GA for nearly 20 years!  I love eating barbecue and lived in Texas for a while so my pallet became well trained but my grill skills did not include true barbecue.   I've even been a loyal Weber owner since 1978 and it was right under my nose!  But I still never considered smoking ribs, butts, or brisket on my grill.  I stopped at thick london broils!  Not anymore.

My buddy Tommy Boy and I have conquered his gas grill* and put out some smoking barbecue.  We're on a mission this summer to turn his gas grill into a smoking barbecue machine!  

This summer our theme is 'Low and Slow Sunday's  
This past Sunday morning I showed up at Tommy Boy's house with a 1/2 Pork Shoulder, Byron's Butt Rub, print outs from, and a cup of coffee.   We were starting a new summer tradition.  The week before we felt pretty proud of ourselves as we did ribs and wings that required more than three beers which brought rave reviews from our critics. What a nice way to wind down the weekend.  On Monday we were all remembering the fabulous meal from the night before!

Welcome to the lazy hot days of summer and the best days on the grill! 

DAD- Thank you for teaching me about grilling. 
Meathead, Mike, and Tom- Thank you for teaching me about barbeuce!  
Happy Fathers DAY!

*With all duerespect and deference to my charcoal / wood smoking / pellet toking pure-head friends, its too much work for me to tend the coals and besides Tom and I  don't own a Big Green Egg or one of those fancy pellet grills, so the gas grill is our ticket.  And we're making it sing!
Got any 1, 2 3 beer grilling recipes or stories to share?

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Bradford Barker said...

Great post Brad. I am looking forward to a summer of grilling on my new set of GrillGrates. Now, I have to try out smoking some ribs on my gas grill this summer. Great info and looking forward to more.