Thursday, June 3, 2010

Remembering DAD at His Grill

What memories do you have of your Dad at the Grill? I have two: My Dad made the best London Broil, he would marinate it in Catalina Dressing (the sugar really softened the meat) overnight in the fridge. He kept a big horse syringe to battle flare-ups and the meat crusted beautifully. He sliced it thin on an angle very rare. For years I made that same London Broil recipe. My other memory is when my Dad gave me his Weber Kettle while I was in college. He had gotten his first gas grill (late 1970's) and I readily snapped up the Weber. I was a grilling fiend in college, and haven't stopped since. I think I need to pick up some London Broil! Thanks Dad!


Casey Knox said...

My dad loved to grill and still does! My mom is actually a pro too, but we'll keep this about dad since this is his holiday :). Anything from burgers to steaks to kabobs my dad is a grill master. They always had a Weber- I do remember that! As I got older I started appreciated things like this more. Great post. And GrillGrate is a great product!

Brian said...

My Dad enjoys grilling so much that he buys his beef half a cow at a time. Growing up in Michigan, weather could sometimes put a damper on grilling, but my dad would never let that stop him. I have several memories of my dad shirtless in the rain with a towel over his head maning the grill.

This Christmas I rewarded all that hard work with a new gas grill for my parents. Today, I leave for Michigan and can't wait to get my first steak off the new grill.