Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Conductivity- The Science Behind the Sear

In our continuing quest to define the science behind GrillGrate, we challenged Ian the Intern to come up with a conductivity chart comparing common grill surfaces. It was impressive to watch him use Wiki-pedia, Google and other pillars of knowledge to come up with this chart. Explaining Watts Per Meter – Kelvin took him some doing!

Aluminum's conductivity is 3 times that of cast iron and over 15 times that of stainless steel. 

GrillGrates conduct heat more efficiently and more evenly. The hottest part of the GrillGrate is the cooking rail as heat is conducted up and through the grate. 

The conductivity of the GrillGrate panels and the radiant heat (infrared) they generate is the reason why they grill food so much better. 

Should we give Ian an A?

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Anonymous said...

Yes...clear and understandable. Thanks!