Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Teach a Man to Grill a Fish and His Family Eats Well for a Lifetime!

Grilling fish is not easy.  Just consider the myriad of grill gadgets designed to make it easier to grill fish because grilling fish is truly hard. Before GrillGrates I never grilled fish. We wrapped fish in aluminum foil so it was essentially steamed on the grill. Many people avoid grilling fish altogether or resort to baking it or only eating fish out at restaurants just to avoid the grill. GrillGrates solve this fishy dilemma. Most of us would eat fish more often if it were as easy to prepare and cook as beef or chicken. With GrillGrates grilling fish is as easy as grilling a steak or a hamburger.

The raised rail design supports fish filets, shellfish, crab cakes and more while the GrateTool reaches below the fish to gently lift, rather than scrape it off the grill. The GrateTool is an integral part of the patented GrillGrate grilling system. Part fork, part spatula, The GrateTool fits between the rails to make it easy to lift and turn even the most delicate fish. Together they overcome the fish sticking and breaking apart problem. GrillGrates also provide protection from flare-ups and hot drying air that quickly dries out a moist filet. Fish can be grilled hot and fast like a steak and seared just as pretty too, while whiter, delicate filets can be marinated and grilled at lower temps.

In addition to using GrillGrates- Follow these tips to grill perfect fish fast and easy.

  1. Oil the fish then season.  Lightly coat with olive oil or avocado oil if grilling very hot for fish such as tuna or wahoo. The oil helps the seasoning stick to and penetrate the flesh. The oil also helps when the fish is placed on the grill to prevent sticking.
  2. Grill on a HOT / clean grill. Most people don't grill fish hot enough. Oil the GrillGrates (use a paper towel with Canola oil) just before putting fish on the grill.
  3. Don't touch it! Leave the fish sitting where it hits to allow searing and better release. Grill 60% of time before turning and cook to finish. One flip is plenty.
  4. Two skewers are better than one. Smaller shrimp and scallops are ideal to use a skewer but only one skewer allows them to rotate and some will not turn. Using two skewers solves this dilemma and makes turning all at once easy.
  5. Leave the shell on. Think of the shell as a flavor savor. The shell keeps marinades and moisture in the shrimp or lobster. The shell itself is a flavor booster.
  6. Marinade shell fish, salmon, talapia, catfish. Simple oil and spice mixtures are easy and flavorful. Give the fish a soak prior to grilling.
  7. Top with relish, salsa or olive tapenade. Whitefish such as Talapia are mild and benefit from a tasty topping such as mango peach salsa with bits of chopped shrimp.
  8. Don't fret if you get some sticking. With GrillGrates, the meal will not be lost nor will the fish break apart. The GrateTool will lift the fish off with just a few morsels left on the rails.

Grilling fish is a key element of the griller's diet!

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