Friday, April 18, 2014

GrillGrate Spring Cleaning Survey Results

Thank you to the 100 people who took our survey last month. It was great to hear the various things people have done to clean their GrillGrates.

35% of People Owned their GrillGrates 3+ Years!

Deep Cleaning:
  • Never 17%
  • 1-2 times a year 36%
  • 3-4 times a year 17%
  • 4 times or more 32%
75% Use GrateTool to Clear Valleys and Sides

72% Have Never Soaked GrillGrates

22% Flip GrillGrates Over and Burn Off

Other interesting methods and our comments:
  • Power washing & steam cleaners- I took my buddy Tom's GrillGrates to the car wash once! It works. One customer “bungy corded” GrillGrates to a tree and power-washed them after rending a dozen pork butts on them. Believe me I asked for a picture next time! Maybe he should leave them out over night for the animals to feast on pig love?
  • Oven Cleaning Cycle- Several reported using the self clean setting on their ovens with great success. Just a little ash left. I need to try it and see no reason not to. I suspect a re-oiling the first use might be needed.
  • Pry Bars, Butter Knives and Ash Tools along with the GrateTool to clean the valleys of debris.
  • Turn to high and wait until they catch fire! Then turn off the gas and let them burn off. We don't suggest this method but have experienced a few fires in the valleys, especially from juicy rib-eyes.
  • Aluminum foil sheet over GrillGrates at high temps for a few minutes. Again a risky move if left on for 30 min or more 1000F temps will be reached and WARPING is eminent!
  • Dry Grass Trimmings to remove grease and clean them? How green!
grill brushes we've tested
Nothing beats the GrateTool in the valleys

Our BRUSH TRIAL was a failure and we learned that a valley brush gunks up so fast and bends too easily. However the survey did lead us to a simple ash tool. Stay Tuned!

Groover On the Grill Cleaner
On the Grill Cleaner

Thanks again to people who responded. We welcome you to take the GrillGrate Cleaning Survey or send us your tips and ideas via email. We really appreciate the feedback.

We sent out 25 packages of Groover and based on positive feedback will be selling soon on our webstore.


brandon jones said...

I missed the survey, but I like to use a welding knock wire brush.

John Maar said...

One quick note on using your oven's Clean cycle. Yes, this method works great (I ran 6 of the original 15" grates that had years of use in a Traeger through it), but, and this is a BIG but...

You better have EXCELLENT venting TO THE OUTSIDE from an over-the-range vent or venting microwave.

I do, but didn't think to turn it on. When the oven got into the "burn, baby, burn" temperature range, all of that smoke vented out of the top of the range...and into my house. Fortunately, I got to the vent power switch in time to avoid any damage.

Just be aware!

Brad Barrett said...

Grate tip John- we will make sure to reference venting and edit the blog too.

Gordon Simmons said...

I suggest you to use a Barbeque grill according to the following tips:

1. Get a good grill cover: You can find reliable grill covers that can ward off moisture and other external elements.
2. Store your grill in an area with a low humidity level: If the air is humid, moisture tends to form. This encourages the formation of rust. You can disassemble your grill and store it in an area with a lower humidity level. If your grill is too bulky and big to be stored in the kitchen all the time, you can just remove the cast iron parts 3.
3. Many people use a dehumidifier to prevent the appearance of molds and mildew. You can use the same gadget to prevent rusting. Install a dehumidifier in your home if you want.
4. Use a product that can prevent rusting: You can find store-bought products that can prevent rusting.

Gordon Simmons said...

Great information on Grill brushes. Yet I think this is traditional, in light of the fact that I have winding outline BBQ Grill Brush and that works really well. I like its short and long tuft wires for moment cleaning from all sides, particularly its long tail characteristic in light of the fact that it empowers me to try and clean warm barbecue without dreading of hotness…